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Assessments: To make arrangements for a therapist to come to your home for an assessment, you may contact our retail stores.

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It's a fact: you never want to go into a hospital for illness or emergencies. MED+ Home Health Care recognizes that the ideal is to manage health issues in advance, and allow you to remain in your home living situation. Even though we're all glad that the doctors, nurses, and medical staff are there when we need them, it's far better for you to remain in your home, keep health issues from escalating, and not become a hospital patient in the first place.

This is why MED+ has positioned itself as a key player, cooperating with hospitals and being involved in patient care before you ever experience an acute episode that requires your hospitalization. This is what our partnership with Family Health Teams in the community is all about, and this is why we provide the services, supplies, equipment, and support programs you need. If you require mobility supplies for fall prevention and to help you get around, we provide them. If you need to renovate your home for wheelchair accessibility or barrier-free living, MED+ helps you with that too. Whatever you require for daily living, and to promote your independence and health, we work with you to achieve that goal.

But we also know that sometimes illnesses do happen, and you may find yourself in hospital after all. The new goal of hospitals is to make you well enough to return home as soon as possible. And once you're home again – MED+ Home Health Care is there. We're committed to ensuring that your recovery is swift, and that you won't need to return to hospital again. If your needs have now changed, and you require new daily living aids, further renovations to your home, or other medical supplies, we continue to be your partner in achieving the highest level of health and comfort possible.