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Assessments: To make arrangements for a therapist to come to your home for an assessment, you may contact our retail stores.

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Would you prefer not to worry about the upkeep and maintenance of wheelchairs or other medical equipment? Or maybe you don't need the products for long-term care, but only for a week or a few months, for rehabilitation from a fall or a sports injury. We'll be happy to arrange a rental plan for you, depending on your individual requirements.

You'll find virtually anything you need, from mobility aids such walkers, scooters, and portable ramps to home health products like adjustable beds and lifts. Feel free to browse through our available products, and contact us to discuss what you need.

MED+ will provide both home delivery and pickup of your rented medical equipment. And this rental and delivery is not limited only to the local area. If you live within an approximate radius of 50 kilometres around Richmond Hill, we will also be happy to deliver or pick up your rental equipment.

MED+ Home Health Care is all about offering you options that allow you to maintain as much independence and comfort as possible. Whether you wish to buy your medical aids outright, or would prefer to take advantage of rental opportunities, you can count on us to meet your needs.

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