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It was a nice Xmas present for my mother. I've already started recommending your walk-in bathtubs to everyone I know. I still feel lucky for gettin...

Nicole Smith

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  • Brand Name: Airgo
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  • Product Feature:     Ergonomic handle    Flex-Grip tip    20% More Adjustable. Fits most people 5' - 6'5" (152 to 195 cm)    Cane height adjusts from 28" to 39" (71 cm to 99 cm).    Offset handle    Cane strap with reflective patch    Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Product Keyword: Airgo Comfort-Plus™ Offset Canes
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    Engineered to provide unparallel comfort and security with every step.

    The ultimate in comfort and safety!

    Ordinary canes only offer support, but the Airgo® Comfort-plus Offset cane offers you the ultimate in comfort and safety. Only Airgo combines an ergonomically designed Soft-top cushioned handle with a Flex-grip tip, while offering 20% more height adjustability to fit you, whatever your height.

    Try one today and feel the difference with every step!

    Soft-Top Handle Shaped to fit more comfortably in your hand.
    Help to reduce impact shock transfer.

    Flex-Grip Tip
    Provides superior grip and better surface contact throughout the walking motion.

    Airgo® Comfort-Plus Offset Canes
    Engineered to provide unparallel
    comfort and security with every step.

    The ultimate in comfort and safety!

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  • Product Name: Airgo® Comfort-Plus™ Offset Canes