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Dear Richard Olwyn, Thank goodness we found your website on the internet so easily. We were so surprised it just took some email messages to order...

Sainath Venkatasamy

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    The VPL-SH2 and VPL-SH3 utilize the same proven technology and material as the Serenity VPL-SH1 Vertical Platform lift – including the core D/C electronics, tooth-belt pulley system, coated and stainless steel, aluminum, powder coating and plexi-glass. Both units have been designed to be affordable, low maintenance and easy to transport and install, with a minimum of noticeable difference to the appearance of the home.

    The VPL-SH2 and VPL-SH3 lifts have been designed for the client with a limited range of mobility: cane, rollator/ walker, and other devices requiring assisted movement. This would exclude the need of a wheelchair lift and offers a variety of rehab opportunities in the home for those with short term or long term injuries.

    Both lifts are lightweight in craftsmanship and take up a minimum of space. Both units can be installed inside or outside of the home or garage by an authorized dealer in just a matter of a few hours, and fit inside of a standard minivan for transportation. The lift units are designed for high levels of stability, heavy usage ascending or descending, and in hard cold or warm weather environments.

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