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Dear Richard, Thank you so much for your concern and understanding regarding my father, Norm Litvak, and his needs regarding his custom wheelcha...

The Latvak Family

Pronto M91

Pronto M91

Category:Power Chairs
Sub Category: Adult Power Base Type 3

The 3G Ranger X rear-wheel drive power wheelchair is the Heavy Duty model of the 3G Storm Series. Also available with TrueTrack technology, the Ranger X allows you to maximize function with a la carte choices, selecting options as needed, resulting in a customized product that meets an incredibly wide range of your clients' clinical needs.

Add to this a sporty look highlighted by exposed suspension, aluminum mag wheels and a wrap-around battery enclosure, and you have an incredibly robust, well-appointed power chair.


Adjustable Rehab Seat featuring width and depth adjustment in 1" increments. Width ranges: 16"-20", and 20"-24". Depth ranges: 16"-19", and 19"-22". Monroe Spring Shock rear-wheel suspension system is designed to absorb impact and provide maximum clinical comfort and function. Optional TrueTrack technology, which accurately translates the driver's commands and helps keep the power chair on a true forward path - even on slopes, thresholds and uneven terrain. TrueTrack minimizes the need for veer correction. Standard with 4-Pole motors and Heavy Duty Gear box for additional power for active users, reaching a maximum speed of 5.0 mph. Standard with MK6i Electronics, including a MK690 Controller and an MPJ+ Joystick  

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