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Steve, You were so helpful, taking so much time to find out what the problem was when I couldn't figure out how to get the equipment to work pro...


MVP Super Low

MVP Super Low

Category:Manual Wheelchair
Sub Category: Lightweight Performance Type3

With a refined sense of style and a new super low frame, it's easy to match your needs. Backed by the quality and reliability that is built into every Invacare product, the MVP Super Low gives you the durability and performance you need, setting the standard for every folding chair in the industry. Think MVP Super Low when you want maximum performance in a Super Low chair with the convenience of a folding frame.


Curve rear frame offers increased maneuverability. Offers quick response performance. This is very important for foot propeller. Curve frame is the lightest MVP rear frame Allows better anti-tipper position Adjustable Front seat to floor height, from 14" to 16.5" in half-inch increments. Three piece modular frame easily accommodates the changing needs of clients by replacing the front frame