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Singel 5100

Singel 5100

Sub Category: Ceiling Track Lifts
Brand: Dana Douglas
Model: Dana Douglas
Brochure: LIFTS_Singel_5100.pdf

The Singel™ 5100 features an adjustable FlexiBar™ for easier sling adjustment and a 2, 3 or 4 point suspension for easy modification to accomodate most patients' needs. The DualSpeed™ system reduces waiting time for maximum efficiency. This feature automatically disables for weights of 77lb / 35kg or more.

Other safety functions include a smart BeltTensionGuard™ that ensures the belt is always correctly tightened. A pleasant and safe lifting experience is assured with our soft stop and start mechanism, SoftMotion™. Constant lifting speed, irrespective of the patient's weight provides added comfort. The Singel™ 5100 also has a remote control that fastens easily with magnetism to the lift casing. Recharging the lift is easy and convenient using our EasyCharge™ remote control - no extra cables are required.


FlexiBar allows adjustment to three different widths. BeltTension Guard ensures the belt is always correctly tightened EasyCharge remote conveniently rests on lift when not in use