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Assessments: To make arrangements for a therapist to come to your home for an assessment, you may contact our retail stores.

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Category:Hospital Beds
Sub Category: Home Care Beds
Brand: NIL
Model: NIL

Not everyone wants the appearance of a hospital bed. These Adjustable Beds are packaged with an assorted therapy mattress systems. If you are looking for a Full-Size Hospital Bed, then this category is for you. Since so called Homecare and Hospital Beds are available in Twin-Size only, we recommend an Adjustable Bed Base with the appropriate mattress type


Whisper-quiet and energy efficient direct-current linear motor Bed- available in the following sizes:single,double,queen or custom Choice of padded or wood bedspring(choice of colours) Position memory to facilitate caregivers' work and increase the user's comfort level Digital time display Battery ensuring temporary autonomous operation Bed designed for home care,more aesthetically pleasing than a hospital bed Bed available in all standard dimensions Authentic canadian product