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Reduced Gap Full-Length Bed Rail

Reduced Gap Full-Length Bed Rail

Category:Hospital Beds
Sub Category: Hospital Bed Rail
Rental Period: Monthly Rental

Invacare's new Reduced Gap Bed Rails take the proactive approach to bed rail safety. The new designs offer added protection to traditional bed rails by closing up the open area that used to occur with the bed in the fully articulated position. All Invacare full-length bed rails now have a fourth crossbar and the crossbrace has a new mounting position on the head section of the bed. The spacing between the crossbars of the reduced gap bed rails has also been modified to reduce entrapment hazards. For your convenience, all bed rail model numbers remain the same.


Overall Height:    Above deck raised: 14.5" Above deck lowered: 4.25"Overall Length:    55"Overall Width:    Between bed rails: 36"Shipping Product Weight:    27.5 lbWarranty:    1 year limited