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Xpresso Rollators

Xpresso Rollators

Category:Walkers / Rollators
Sub Category: Rollator -Walker Type3
Brand: Evolution
Model: Evolution
Rental Period: Monthly Rental
Brochure: expresso manual.pdf

Xpresso & Xpresso Lite

The Xpresso is our newest walker, it is a center folding design with a new cable free braking system and a new revolutionary folding basket, you don't need to take the basket out to fold it!

The Xpresso was designed to be the strongest and most stable of all the center folding walkers in the market today like all other Evolution walkers.

The Xpresso is available in three sizes: 18", 21" and 24" seat height

All three Xpresso models are now ADP approved for Ontario, the new number is: MW3EV0040


Specifications :             weight seat seating width x handle weight height  width length height  capacity  Regular  17 lbs 21”  18” 22.5” x 26”  30.5” – 35.5”  300 lbs  Mini 18 lbs 18” 18” 22.5” x 26” 30.5” – 33.5”  300 lbs Tall 18 lbs 24” 18” 22.5” x 26” 33.5” – 40” 350 lbs